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Do you offer Australia wide shipping?

Yes of course - who doesn’t these days? We offer free shipping to all major Australian cities, includes on-site delivery to the room of your choice during normal business hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00AM – 5:00PM. Easy peasy!

How long does my booth take to arrive?

Depending on where your order is placed within our ordering cycle, anywhere between 1-3 months. We know this isn’t ideal but we promise to reduce this lead time down as soon as possible - stay tuned kids!


What are your payment terms?

Generally, we require a 50% down payment upon placing an order for your road to tranquility and the remaining 50% 14 days post-delivery. However, any issues with this, feel free to give us a shout and I’m sure we can accomodate to your business’s particular needs.

Do you offer credit terms to help with my
 business's cash flow?

Soon! We’re currently in the middle of sorting this out so stay tuned on this one!

How does the 60 day risk free trial work?

Easy - simply buy a Nook, try it for up to 60 days from the date of delivery (without damaging it) and if you find that you and your employees aren’t in love, we’ll come around and pick it up... We ask that you at least give it a proper crack - try the product for a minimum of 14 days, to give your office adequate time to adjust. 

Please note though the 60 day risk-free trial only applies to your first booth. That said, every booth comes with a 5-year warranty, and we’re dedicated to making sure that your booth stays in excellent shape all throughout use.

Soundproof Booth

By how much does your booth reduce noise?

We’re confident our booth reduces noise from the outside by no less than 30 decibels. For those of you who aren’t well versed with this type of jargon, it’s equivalent to a normal conversation outside becoming a murmur. 

We have designed the soundproofing in a way so that from the inside of the booth, only muffled noises from the outside and white noise from the fans may be heard. Through our own testing and market research, we found humans require a certain level of ambient noise to provide for the optimal work environment. But hey, remember -  if you’re unsure, you’ve always got our 60 day free trial to see for yourself.

What sort of ventilation do you have?

Each booth comes with two fans in the ceiling that push fresh air from outside into the booth. We’ve developed a unique circular system, that operates to constantly push air in whilst circulating the air back out through a separate ventilation slot - this ensures the booth and yourselves remain cool, calm and collected even in the busiest of times at work.

How does the booth connect to power?

The booth comes together with all our power and electricals in-built. We’ve designed the light and fan to be easily turned on with the flick of a switch. It’s easily connected up with an extension cord (which we provide) to any Australian power socket.

Can I move the booth around?

Yes! Our booth sits on a thin layer of four nylon sliders, that make it easy to move the booth around with just two people, but still sturdy enough to stay exactly where you need it. We’ve also ensured to include felt stick on padding, for those of you who have timber floorboards.

What warranty do you offer on the booth?

We offer a two year warranty on the booth. Any manufacturing defects that occur within those two years, we’ll either replace the defunct part or replace the whole booth! Feel free to check out our full warranty disclosure here for further details. In any case, we’re confident our booth is going to serve a long and fruitful life for you and your employees - just promise us you’ll treat her nicely though!

Do you repair any damage to the booth?  

Any defects or breakage that happen within the two year warranty period, we’re happy to repair or replace the parts within the booth. Having said that if your product is out of warranty and there is an issue with it we’d be happy to come and have a look at it and replace any panels or parts that need replacing. Damage which occurs outside of our control, we’d be happy to come and help you out with fixing it - any parts needed to be replaced would be charged at cost.

Where can I see this booth?

We’ve got a show room set up in Sydney. If you’re outside this area we’re happy to jump on a virtual viewing of the booth or direct you to one of our other customers office’s in your local city. 


How does the booth come together?

The booth comes together in under an hour with two people. It has been designed to be easily assembled with each panel coming together with just a few screws and a trusty old drill - but don’t stress, we have instructions to guide you along the way. 

How long does assembly take?

Assembly should take no longer than 45 minutes per booth but we recommend leaving an hour just to be safe - enough time to really marvel at the ingenuity of our baby!


Can I recycle the packaging?

We’re glad you asked! All you’ll need is a big yellow or blue bin, a mean set of skills for flattening boxes and an unconditional love for this earth that we all coexist on. We’ve tried to minimise the amount of other packaging such as soft plastics, but if you’re feeling extra cool, you can recycle these materials at any REDcycle collection point (found at most Coles and Woolies stores).

Is your booth environmentally friendly?

We’ve made a commitment to make our booth with one eye firmly on our environmental impact. Our product is made from FSC certified timber and our soundproofing material is made up of recycled plastic bottles. We have long term visions for a circular model within our business and we will be looking at options everyday to make this company a company for the future!

Is climate change real?