Your workspace
with personal space

Your workspace
with personal space

Soundproof. Free delivery, assembly and returns.

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How we work is changing. Now it’s time our furniture did, too.

Morning coffee, check. Send emails, set up tasks and to-dos in sweet solitude. Check.
Stepped into our virtual meeting with a mind as clear as the distraction free backdrop.
Left procrastination at the door and powered through my presentation prep.

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Made from
     1000+ bottles
and wood
        for good

Because we don't beat around the bush
when it comes to the environment

Peace and productivity for teams of thinkers, doers and dreamers.


     as usual

We sell direct

We cut out the fat cats saving you up to 50%. Everyone's a winner (except the cats of course).

Workplace wellness

A space for the thinkers and doers. Tune out the noise, so you can focus on what’s essential.


Made from recycled plastic bottles and ©FSC wood. Quite simply, because we care.

Award winning

Every detail carefully curated and crafted - so much so that we won a Good Design Australia Award.


Of large meeting rooms are taken up by a single person making a call

Source: University of California


Is the time it takes to regain your focus after a small distraction

Source: University of California


Of teams have a hard time concentrating in open-plan offices

Source: University of Sydney

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We cut out the layers and sell direct to you online so you don't pay high fees for a quality product.